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Hi, I’m Adrienne, the Yoni Nutritionist!

Over 20 years ago I was diagnosed with HSV-2 (genital herpes), and it f*cking rocked my world in so many ways. Here's the story of my HSV-2 journey...

I still remember the day when I got my results back confirming my diagnosis, sitting in the doctors office, sobbing, thinking “why me??”. 

My herpes diagnosis has been a combination of both manageable and challenging, yet I believe it has been one of the biggest blessings of my life.

For many years I didn't have any outbreaks or symptoms but there was a 3-year phase during a period of prolonged high-stress, when I had back-to-back, recurring outbreaks every month. It was horrible.

During that time I tried everything to get it under control. Multiple doctors visits, many antiviral prescriptions, hours with my therapist, thousands in expenses.

This period of time really impacted my physical, emotional, and mental health AND the quality of my life.

I was afraid to date, have sex, I didn't trust my body, and I didn't understand why this kept happening.

Plus, I felt so alone. I could only talk to a few people about it, but never really felt like they understood what I was going through.

Relief finally came after 15 years in the form of acceptance and ending the shame that I felt within myself with my diagnosis.

I changed my relationship with herpes and started seeing it as an indication of my health, of what was going on in my body, and started taking better care of myself. 

I spent years of research to learn more about herpes, how your diet and lifestyle can help you manage it, and lots of trial-and-error to learn how to manage my outbreaks - AND IT WORKED!

Now I am completely accepting of my herpes diagnosis, and with healthy AF vaginal health - I RARELY get outbreaks anymore!

I can help you get there too.

I'm excited to introduce you to Healing Herpes Holistically
- the ONLY herpes handbook you will ever need!

No more google, no more fear, no more shame.

It’s time for you to get the information you need to live a confident, fulfilling
and healthy life when you live with herpes!

Whether you have lived with herpes for a long time, or you have recently been diagnosed, this will be your go-to guide when you need information to feel reassured, informed and empowered with your diagnosis, and to know how to take the BEST care of yourself, both physically AND emotionally, when you live with herpes.

This online resource gives you a lifetime of downloadable, practical, friendly information and resources to help you learn how to manage, prevent and heal herpes outbreaks through specific nutrition, supplementation, wellness and lifestyle practices.

It's everything that doctors don't, but should teach you when you are diagnosed, and it is WAY better than a Google search!

What my clients are saying...

"I signed up to your Healing Herpes Holistically guide to get help with my diet & supplements to manage my HSV-2, and am also happy to say that I just disclosed for the first time with the help of your disclosure script, and I'm ecstatic to say that his initial reaction couldn't have been any better.

I'm so relieved and I feel like the huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders! Thank you for the constant inspiration and guidance!"

Results you can expect:

  • Learn more about how the herpes virus works so that you can see it as a common and manageable virus, instead of a stigmatized and shameful STI.
  • Empower yourself with knowledge when you learn how to manage herpes virus within YOUR body.
  • Feel connected to yourself, your health, and your body in ways you never have before.
  • Feel confident in your sensuality and sexuality again.
  • Improve your personal and sexual relationships.
  • Feel confident when disclosing to potential partners.
  • Accept and "make friends with" your diagnosis.
  • Feel like you are not alone.
  • Help you realize that you are so much more than your diagnosis.
  • Realize your self-worth and love yourself even more with your diagnosis.
  • Stop worrying about your diagnosis, and start living your life!
  • Feel supported with (optional) 1:1 support from me as you go through your HSV journey. Sometimes it helps to talk to someone who has been through it all too!

What you will learn:

  • How to manage, prevent and heal your outbreaks with your diet:
  • Including everything you need to eat and avoid to manage your outbreaks.
  • A 7-day outbreak meal plan with recipes to help heal your outbreaks faster.
  • Natural immune-boosting and anti-viral supplements, herbs and other natural remedies in combination with antiviral medication to manage, prevent and heal outbreaks.
  • Suggested self-care, wellness and lifestyle practices to manage and prevent outbreaks.
  • Tools to identify your personal outbreak triggers.
  • Tools to recognize and reduce periods of viral shedding.
  • How you can manage and prevent outbreaks around your period.
  • Herpes and pregnancy.
  • Disclosure practices with a sample disclosure script.
  • Accepting your diagnosis and ending the shame and stigma within yourself.
  • Learn how you can reduce transmission to your partner(s).
  • Links with friendly and easy-to-understand info to share with non-HSV partners.
  • Optional 1:1 personal support from me - it helps to have someone to talk to who gets it and who has been through the same things you're going through - you're not alone!
  • You will also get access to my exclusive Healing Herpes Holistically Facebook group for additional support from myself and others on a similar journey.


"Adrienne is amazing at what she does. I felt so comfortable talking with her. She is just one of those people you can tell anything to and never feel judged.

She really helped me a lot and explained everything to me in a way that was easy to understand. I really recommend talking to her about your vagina. As weird as it is to say haha she knows our vaginas better than us!

She really is just a wonderful person to speak with about this. Her information is real! Not just some google search result.

She takes the time to listen and makes sure you are okay. I definitely recommend her working with her!"

Hi, I’m Adrienne, The Yoni Nutritionist!

I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and passionate STI and Sexual Health Advocate.

I've lived with genital herpes (HSV-2) since 2001, and have struggled with other chronic vaginal infections for most of my life, including yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, UTI's, and HPV.

In my experience living with herpes, as well as my education as a Holistic Nutritionist, I have learned how to manage, prevent, and heal my outbreaks through diet and lifestyle changes.

I have accepted my diagnosis which helped me end the shame and stigma I had internalized within myself, and was affecting my self-worth and my confidence.

Now that I have learned how to manage my outbreaks, I feel confident within myself and my sexuality again!

I have created this guide to share this information, knowledge, and my experience of managing my own personal herpes outbreaks with you and show you that:

You can still have an amazing sex life when you live with herpes!

Stop worrying about herpes and start living your life!

What's included in the guide...

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  Important Facts & Stats
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  Newly Diagnosed? This is for you
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  Managing Outbreaks - The Essentials
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  Discounts on My Favourite Herpes Health Products
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  Diet & Nutrition
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  Lifestyle Practices
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  Relationships & Sex
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  Herpes & Mental Health
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  Herpes Health for Women
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  Thank You
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Take your power back and live your best life with confidence when living with herpes!

This unique resource is an incredibly powerful tool and has been empowering so many people who live with herpes.

It is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about herpes in a beautifully designed, friendly, and easy-to-read format.

Are you ready to start living your best life with herpes?

Love Yourself & your Diagnosis

Learn how to accept and love yourself with your diagnosis, ending the shame and stigma within yourself and feel confident and empowered moving forward to live your best life with herpes!

Nutrition, Supplements & Herbs

Learn to manage, prevent and heal herpes outbreaks naturally with foods to eat, foods to avoid, and recommended supplements and herbs that help boost your immune system, calm your nervous system and promote gut health.

Lifestyle & Wellness Practices

Learn about the common triggers of herpes outbreaks and how to practice the self-awareness to understand the deeper emotions that are connected to these triggers.