Manage, reduce and prevent herpes outbreaks so you can live your best life when living with herpes!

Living with herpes CAN be easy and manageable.

Understanding how to manage, prevent and heal herpes outbreaks is the KEY to feeling empowered, comfortable and confident within yourself when living with herpes.

Welcome to Healing Herpes Holistically

An essential online herpes information resource that's better than a Google search!

Healing Herpes Holistically is the online e-book of everything you've ever wanted to know about how to manage, prevent and heal your herpes outbreaks naturally.

It's your quick-reference, go-to guide when you need information on how to feel reassured, informed and empowered to know how to take care of yourself both physically AND emotionally when living with herpes.

It provides you with a lifetime of information of how to manage, prevent and heal herpes outbreaks through diet, nutrition, supplementation, wellness and mindfulness practices.

What's included in the program:

The Physical Stuff:

  • important and up-to-date herpes facts and stats to better inform yourself about the facts of the HSV virus
  • a helpful Herpes Survival Guide teaching you what to do when you are diagnosed
  • foods to eat and avoid to manage, prevent and heal outbreaks
  • a 7-day herpes outbreak meal plan with recipes to follow to speed up the healing process of an outbreak
  • supplements and herbs to take when living with herpes
  • other holistic wellness wellness practices to manage outbreaks
  • plus so much more!

The Emotional Stuff:

  • helpful tools to identify triggers of recurring outbreaks
  • how to accept yourself with your HSV+ status and forgive your past
  • how to create a better relationship to yourself to end the shame and stigma associated to living with herpes
  • how to have successful disclosure conversations with a disclosure guide and script
  • suggested mindfulness practices to maintain your mental health and reduce stress
  • plus so much more!

If you live with herpes and want to feel empowered and confident within yourself - this is for you!

Inform yourself to end the shame and stigma within yourself, develop a better relationship with yourself, and empower yourself to build your confidence back so you can live your best life when living with herpes!

Course Curriculum

Hi, I’m Adrienne, The Yoni Nutritionist!

I'm a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Wellness Coach and I have a passion for sexual health and wellness.

I've struggled with my own sexual health issues for most of my life, and have lived with HSV2 for almost 20 years.

In my experience living with herpes, as well as my education as a Holistic Nutritionist, I've learned how to manage, prevent, and heal my outbreaks through diet, nutrition and holistic wellness practices.

I've learned how to accept that I live with herpes.

I've ended the shame and stigma within myself that I used to let affect my self-worth and my confidence.

And I've created an online program - Holistically Healing Herpes, to share this information and knowledge with you.

There is life after being diagnosed with herpes, and it can be happy and healthy!

I'm here to show you how.

Start Living Your Best Life with Herpes


Healing Herpes Holistically

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An essential HSV+ resource to teach you how to live your best life when living with herpes. Download the modules as you go and have access to this extremely valuable info for life!

Love Yourself with your Diagnosis

Learn how to accept and love yourself with your diagnosis, ending the shame and stigma within yourself and feel confident and empowered moving forward to live your best life with herpes!

Nutrition, Supplements & Herbs

Learn to manage, prevent and heal herpes outbreaks naturally with foods to eat, foods to avoid, and recommended supplements and herbs that help boost your immune system, calm your nervous system and promote gut health.

Mindfulness & Wellness Practices

Learn about the common triggers of herpes outbreaks and how to practice the self-awareness to understand the deeper emotions that are connected to these triggers.