HPV is a virus that is

manageable and preventable.

HPV (Human Papillomavirus) is the most common STI which all sexually active adults will come across at some point in their lives.

HPV is a very common yet very misunderstood incurable virus, which comes with fear, shame, stigma and a lot of confusion, especially when Doctor's and western health professionals do not offer any support or information post-HPV diagnosis.

But there is hope with HPV - an HPV diagnosis does not have to be scary!

Whether you have been been diagnosed with genital warts, cervical dysplasia or another form of HPV (which is possible, there are over 200 different types!), many people do not realize that HPV is a manageable virus.

I've created the HPV Healing Guide, an exclusive online resource to give you post-HPV diagnosis support, to teach you how to manage and prevent HPV through specific diet, nutrition, wellness, and lifestyle practices.

This guide gives you the tools and knowledge to learn to manage and "clear" the HPV virus, to take control of it to prevent it from returning and potentially developing into serious, long-term health issues.

Adopting these practices into your lifestyle will help you strengthen your immune system, and support your gut health and the health of your nervous system, which is key to managing HPV.

By learning about what and how to manage HPV, it will encourage you to positively change your relationship with your body and empower you with your HPV diagnosis!

Results you can expect:

  • Feel supported with guidance, facts and knowledge about your HPV diagnosis.
  • Feel empowered with the understanding of how the HPV virus works in your body. 
  • Feel confident with realistic solutions to know exactly what you need to incorporate into your lifestyle to manage your HPV.
  • Develop healthy lifestyle habits that are important to managing HPV in the long-term.
  • Feel motivated, inspired, empowered, and confident within your body and your sexual health.
  • Feel confident within your sexual relationships, even with your HPV diagnosis.
  • Feel confident to end the shame and stigma within yourself.
  • Feel supported when living with HPV and knowing that you are not alone.
This is the information we all should have received
when we were diagnosed!

Hi, I’m Adrienne, the Yoni Nutritionist!

I've been HPV-free for 3 years!

I'm a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher and Wellness Coach with a passion for women's sexual health.

I was diagnosed with high-risk HPV in my early 20's and have been through the emotional rollercoaster of abnormal and normal pap smears, multiple colposcopies, the LEEP procedure, and worrying that my high-risk cervical dysplasia would develop into cervical cancer.

Fast forward to almost 20 years later - I've had normal pap smear results for the 3rd year in a row, which means my once-high-risk cervical dysplasia is no longer at risk of developing into cervical cancer.

I have learned to adopt healthy diet and lifestyle practices and choices into my lifestyle to maintain my gut health, boost my immune system, and keep HPV away!

And I've created the HPV Healing Guide to give you the tools and knowledge to teach you to do the same.

My HPV Healing Guide includes everything from important HPV facts and stats to specific immune-boosting nutrition, supplements and wellness practices to how to easily incorporate into your lifestyle to manage, prevent and heal HPV naturally, just like I have.

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